Institute for Applied Paradox

The institute for Applied Paradox develops mind games and seeing exercises to explore the unthinkable. We consider Cartesian rational thinking as a main reason for today’s ecological, economical and social dilemmas. It is time to try alternative ways of thinking. Fuck logic, let’s try paradox – the meta the better!

Director: H.E. Max Haarich |

Selected Projects

AI Telling the Truth (2020)

This deepfake video tells the truth about truth.

You’re Page isn’t Reaching People (2020)

We “publish” lectures on a facebook page, which is as secret as possible. This seems too much to handle for an algorithm optimized for reach and engagement. Here is an video from a German talk about the project.

If Henry Ford Had Asked the People What They Wanted (2020)

This project questions the technocratic dogma of experts knowing better what is good for the people. The prototyping performance was realized for the first time as part of Peter Kees’ “Aktionsraum 2” together with other artists and passersby at Kunstverein Ebersberg.