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The spirits of Aach & Och

Thomas Čepaitis reflecting on the spirits of Aach & Och for the Faculty of Procrastination of the Užupis University. Lecture given within the C.A.R.L. Auditorium in Aachen which has capacity for hosting 1001 students, in case they are not procrastinating from visiting the lectures


Buginese society recognize five gender system (Hariyono & Suryaman, 2019; Al-Jum’ah & Suprihatin,2019). With a different role, namely oroane (male), makkunrai (female), calalai (women with roles and functions of men), calabai (men with the role and function of women), and bissu blend women and men in one body (Nurohim, 2018; Imran, 2019). Let's meet them!